My name is Frank. I'm the CTO at Zealous - Tech networking app, and IwarePrint - ERP software for printing industry.

I like to work on interesting projects, learn new technologies and hiking 🏔

My projects:


Put your quick notes, to-do lists, files, and more on the whiteboard.


Super simple to install an upload plugin that stores your files directly into FTP(S), AWS S3, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

PinHub [Closed]

Place a pin with a comment on your live websites, images, documents, and videos. Share with your friends.

Small projects that I did for fun..

Fissure in Sandstone
MrBug [Closed]

The only existing (that I know of) mobile browser with developer tools, for IOS and Android.

Super simple file sharing service.

Coding Cat

Simple blog about tech, programming, solutions, interesting projects and ideas.


HackYeah 2021, Opener

Analyze many different kinds of files, validate digital signatures, anonymize PDF files without external libraries, and a lot more... 1st place, 30k PLN prize.

HackYeah 2020, Digital Tax

Convert handwritten tax returns to digital ones. 2nd place, 10k PLN prize.

Frank Chomiuk