My name is Frank. I'm a lead developer at IwarePrint - ERP software for printing industry. I like to work on interesting projects, learn new technologies and hiking 🏔


As a programmer with many years of experience, I offer programming consulting. In 1:1 online sessions, I will help you become a better programmer. Instead of solving your problems for you, I will give you hints and teach you how to solve them on your own.

I'm open to any kind of problems. You can be a beginner programmer, who doesn't know where to start, or maybe a company owner who wants to solve some seemingly impossible technical issues.

Currently I'm focusing on web based projects, but I'm up for any kind of programming challenge.

My stack: PHP Symfony Propel Doctrine JavaScript AngularJS Angular ReactJS NodeJS Java Spring Hibernate C# Unity3D VR Python 3D Printing Blender Docker Kubernetes MySQL PostgreSQL Linux Bash Google Cloud AWS Digital Ocean Grafana Prometheus Machine Learning NumPy SciPy Scikit-learn Pandas React Native Electron Expo

Offer: $2500/person for 10h of active consulting. If you are interested, contact me here and explain your problem, so I will see if I can help you. Available languages: English and Polish.

My projects:


A note taking app, where you put your notes, todo lists and files on the map.


Place a pin with a comment on your live websites, images, documents and videos. Share with your friends.


Super simple to install upload plugin that stores your files directly into FTP(S), AWS S3, Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Small projects that I did for fun..

Fissure in Sandstone

The only existing (that I know of) mobile browser with developer tools, for IOS and Android.

Super simple file sharing service.

Coding Cat

Tech blog from the perspective of the coding cat


HackYeah 2021, Opener

Analyze many different kind of files, validate digital signatures, anonymize PDF files without external libraries, and a lot more.. 1st place, 30k PLN prize.

HackYeah 2020, Digital Tax

Convert hand written tax returns to digital ones. 2nd place, 10k PLN prize.

Frank Chomiuk